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Analogy, perspectives, understanding, and imagination

This post is an attempt to summarize and expand on what I have already written on analogy and perspective by clarifying the relationship between the following concepts: analogy, perspectives, understanding, and imagination. What is an analogy Making an analogy involves two … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an Illness

It has always been my goal to write at least a little bit about what I read so I remember the most important things I learned from my reading. However, I have failed 99% of the time. It’s the Easter holiday and … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

It has been, it seems, at least two years since I have logged in to my WordPress account. However, I have not forgotten my little blog, nor my enormous ambition when I graduated from college five years ago of being a … Continue reading

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Fear breeds the very thing one is afraid of

I once read an answer on Quora that said something along the lines of “fear breeds the very thing that one is afraid of.” The example given was how germophobes are actually the ones who spread germs by peeing all … Continue reading

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the importance of having a perspective

I remember how confused I was as a teenager. I realized even then that adolescence was the period for me to define my character and my personality and to form my own opinions on things. But how could I decide … Continue reading

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Is Islam a religion of peace or violence?

Ever since I decided to pursue the path to become a philosopher, I have been trying to find ways to fund this dream. During these weeks of frantic brainstorming, I have browsed numerous pages on taobao and Alibaba, bought craft supplies at … Continue reading

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Does God, in the Qur’an, prohibit image-making?

With regard to recent nonstop news reports on the gun attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine that drew cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), I would like to discuss an important question from the Qur’anic perspective: Does God, in … Continue reading

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